Alec Stephens III


Hey there, I’m Alec Stephens III. I am a Bushwick based, Seattle born, actor, singer, changemaker and all around creative artist. 


In addition to acting I produce and host a podcast called Bushwick Variety Show, I sing in a soul band called I AM THE THIRD, and write and produce original creative works.

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Bushwick Variety Show is a podcast available on all major platforms where Alec Stephens III has conversations with artists and innovators about arts & culture. In addition to the Podcast, Alec plans to produce original creative content through this platform, and is always interested in collaborating with other artists as an actor, singer, writer, producer, and is open to other creative roles as well.


On Stage Now

125th & FREEdom at National Black Theatre

125th & FREEdom at National Black Theatre

I’m currently playing “Kona” in 125th & FREEdom at National black Theatre.

125th & FREEdom will make Harlem’s iconic 125th Street its stage as it explores the question: “If Harriet Tubman were alive today, how would she free Black people?” This piece will be an immersive, participatory cultural experience that is equal parts ritual performance, processional and protest.




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